Tuesday, January 20, 2009


"Giving is not charity if its someone else's money."

Let me get political again. Once again I only speak for myself. Welfare policies anger me. For those who do not live in the United States, let me explain:
You work in this country, you pay your taxes, you see your paycheck decrease by a lot; and there is someone on the other end who sits at home everyday and gets a paycheck. How does that work???
I don’t mind paying taxes, and I don’t mind knowing that my taxes are used on many good things, but teaching people that it is ok to sit at home and wait for free money is not what I consider FAIR.

There are people who have kid after kid after, and what does the government do? pay them more per kid. I am sure the the theory behind welfare was to help the poor; but what type of help are we giving them by teaching them to be lazy? I hate to go to a supermarket and see someone my age paying with food stamps.

I remember my dad was sick once. Since he has worked all of his life, he had to find a way to cost the surgery he had. If he hadn’t worked, then he would qualify for Medicaid, a plan that pays for everything... DOES THAT MAKE SENSE???
I guess the moral of the story is, don’t work and get taken care of. They say that social security might not be there when I retire. Why not make the welfare people work, so then I can get my social security when I cannot work anymore?

This country has really good ideas, but there are some that just hit my cranial nerves. Now that the economy is struggling, I wonder if the government is going to consider everyone poor... then we all get welfare checks hahaha.

Selfish people do not care, and I believe that if they dont, then they should make them care. Find them jobs, make them pick cherries and work minimum wage jobs, TAX them too, and then maybe help them with welfare. And if a woman is getting welfare, and she's having her 9th kid already, then cut it... cuz chances are, she'll be having the 10th kid next year.

Enough said,


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