Saturday, January 17, 2009


"Nature gave us one tongue and two ears so we could hear twice as much as we speak."

If I ever write a book ( I doubt it ), it will be based on my theories of what works and what doesn’t. Don’t worry guys, this is never going to happen, so I will not punish you with my silly ideas. My idea of having a true relationship that lasts forever depends on 3 key factors that together form something called RESPECT. A relationship has to have respect as a foundation. LOVE is a given, so we dont count it, for how can we have something when love is not a factor.

The 3 keys that I base a relationship on are: Trust, Communication and Sex. They work as a triangle or a tripod, and if one of them fails, then the other 2 will begin to fail too. I will explain further ( remember these are just my ideas).

So we start with TRUST. If a couple has trust, then the other things flow easily. It is the fact that your partner tells you something and you have no doubt that this person is saying the truth. This diminishes your level of STRESS, which makes you a happier person. Trust is meant to be on everything, as in "you trust he/she is not lying, or you trust he/she will not betray you". When trust begins to fail in a relationship, so does the triangle. Communication will fail because there is no trust and so will sex. You dont want to express yourself to someone you dont trust, and you certainly dont want to sleep with that person either. Point being, if there are trust issues in a relationship...Solve them!

We move on to COMMUNICATION. Communication is very very important too since we are human beings and our need to communicate has put us above other species. When 2 people find the common ground and are able to express themselves and talk problems out, then the relationship will be stable. More communication evolves into more trust to your partner, which once again reduces Stress in the relationship. When communication fails, so does the understanding for one another, and the arguments turn into fights, which turn into uglier things. You no longer trust your partner with your feelings and doubts because he/she will not understand you. Once again No sex for you when your partner is angry too... Hahaha.

Now we touch the last part which is Sex. This is something so intimate between 2 people that it requires a good sence of good chemistry. When you have someone you admire and love, and respect, and appreciate, but you dont desire him/her... Its called a friend. Your partner is your friend too, but to another level. One must always keep the other happy and understand his/her feelings and desires. We are all human, and we all have desires. When a couple is on the same channel, nothing keeps them happier than each other. There has to be communication, so each one can say what he/she wants, and there has to be trust, so that they both know that everything they do will be ok.
If a couple fails on this point (sex), then so does communication, and in the end, when he/she cheats on one another, so does the trust.

So a relationship is a triangle, and everything in a relationship works upon that triangle. I know there are other factors, but these are what i base a relationship on. Remember, if you have all 3, then you have RESPECT for yourself, for one another and for the relationship. Next time you have an argument... instead of blaming the other person for it, analyze yourself, and see what are you guys not doing to make it right. Which part of the triangle are you failing on.



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