Thursday, January 22, 2009


"Defeat is only temporary."

Life happens to be hard... but its hard on everybody. Sometimes we look at famous people and we see them all so rich and happy... then we see their REHAB stories.
When something doesn't go our way, when someone betrayed us, or when life doesn't look good, we question why?

WHY? because it has to happen. I am a firm believer that events happen to help us appreciate life better. If your life was full of positive things, you would not appreciate anything.
Take any bad moment and think to yourself that "it is a lesson," ask yourself what you are learning and then... Stand up, look forward, and move on.

Some people think their life is going to end after a BREAKUP... no its not! breakups happen everyday, and if you give yourself a chance and keep yourself busy, before you know it, you will find someone else.

Experiences shape you as a person, and that includes negative and positive. As we grow older we get to realize those things and it makes us view life differently. Do not let a bad moment bring you down... and do not, for a minute, think that a bad moment will last forever.

Next time you have a bad moment, calm down, breath deep and just say... This too shall pass.



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