Thursday, January 22, 2009

Internet Love

"The problem with the internet is that it's replacing masturbation as a leisure activity"

...Where to start? The internet has to be among one of the best inventions of all time. It is used by companies, adults, kids etc. Thanks to the internet I can write my silly blogs and have anyone read it.

But enough about that. what do I think of internet love? Off the top of my head, I can identify 2 common scenarios. Lets analyze each one and see what happens.

We have all heard of the following... the usual guy/girl who goes into a chat room and by mere chance finds someone of his interest. They begin chatting, sharing ideas, then talking, then meeting and VOILA! they click. Years later they're telling their wonderful story on the newspaper and we all just say AWEEE. THE END.
I dont see anything wrong with this. There are no rules on Love. To me, a couple that meet that way, are just as good as a couple who met at a club, a bar, a concert. There is an advantage though, because you get to know someone at a different level, before you connect at a physical one. It is wonderful to see how opportunities present themselves anywhere we look.

Like everything in life, there is a negative side. There are people who build a whole alternate life online. There are some who join chatrooms and internet societies, and make themselves out to be what they cant be in the real world. A girl, who lives in the USA and is deeply in love with a guy in FRANCE (random examples) and they have been together for years...but they havent met. They argue like couples do, they have breakups and makeups, and promise never ending love for eachother.
She hasn't been able to fly into his arms because McDonalds didn't give her the promotion she wanted, and he cannot fly to her because his MOTHER wont let him.
The problem with this story is that it starts becoming a fantasy. When you invest that much time into something like this, you begin to miss out on everyday real events around you. Longing for someone who is 100,000 miles away is taking you away from someone who might be 10 feet away. Putting that much time into a fantasy is like waiting for FEBRUARY 30TH to come...IT AINT GONNA HAPPEN.

Dreaming is good, but investing your life on something lacking total reality is not. Some people waste years of their lives on such fantasies, when they could have increased their social skills and chances in the world around them. If you are in an internet relationship, good for you. Just analyze yourself a little and see which scenario you are falling under.. first or second. A relationship is based on knowing the person, that includes physically. You cannot keep a relationship with someone you only know through chat and emails.

So does internet love work? YES and NO.



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