Saturday, January 17, 2009


"Eighty percent of married men cheat in America, the rest cheat in Europe"

I have mixed feelings about the cheating subject. Sometimes I tend to think that Men are as faithful as their options. Usually the woman who says "my husband doesnt cheat" is the one with a troll looking husband. Some men cheat because of lack of communication with their partners, some cheat beacuse they just don't want to break the relationship, and some just don't want to lose their house. =)

But cheating is everywhere, there's lots of women who cheat too. There are lots of married women who after years of something not working at home, decide to cheat.
Does everyone cheat? Theres the other side that says... NO, but everyone has the potential to be a cheater. All it takes is to break your point of tolerance (read my view on relationships). It is so easy for a person to cheat nowadays, thanks to the internet and all the things available.

Why cheat? why not just break it off? because unfortunately people are sometimes afraid that they will fail at their new adventure and will end up alone. I was so sure that everyone could be a cheater someday until A CERTAIN FRIEND proved me wrong. This guy is a good looking guy and yet he does not cheat. He will not even think about cheating, and he always has women approaching him, yet always found the strength to say no. Back to the mixed feelings. I guess it's easier to go the wrong way, but we should all have the strength to keep doing the right way.

If you don't want to be with someone...DON'T. Move on, Take the road that makes you happy. I will end this by saying that we should never take the other person for granted, because that is the number one problem on losing who we have. Try to keep the same level of attention and communication. I'll leave it as, everyone has the potential to be a cheater, but not everyone is.

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