Monday, January 19, 2009


"The jealous are possesed by a mad devil and a dull spirit at the same time."

I recently broke up with my girlfriend. I could not stand how jealous she was all the time. Jealousy is like a cancer in a relationship.
NO i didnt cheat, or flirt, or lie, or sleep with anyone... I was always there.
When jealousy becomes a factor of arguments, sometimes theres little a person can do. I dont recall giving my ex reasons to be jealous of. It doesnt help to try to change a person, because some people do not change.

Jealousy is not necessarily caused by the other person's actions, but by someone's own insecurities. when a person has personal problems, when they have low self esteem, then their partner ends up paying for it.
The worst thing about jealousy is that its a downward spiral that just keeps taking you deeper and deeper. It does not go away, and it does not get better.
You cant make friends, you cant go anywhere and you cant do anything, because your jealous partner will start an argument.

It breaks the trust issue, which brings nonsense arguments; and it breaks the communication because of the lack of trust. Talking to a jealous person is like asking a blind man to see.
but can it be fixed? maybe with a lot of therapy.
If your relationship suffers from this, find someone who can help...for the benefit of the relationship... and if there is no help, then act civilized and walk away, because all people do in a relationship like that, is hurt eachother.



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