Saturday, January 17, 2009

"Fighting for Love"

"Enemies as well as lovers, come to resemble each other over a period of time."

Every time I hear about a couple arguing, someone always says "they have to fight for their love." Same thing when someone cheats... people always fight for their love. hmmm it all sounds so romantic. There are always couples that argue everyday, but keep fighting to keep the relationship alive.

My question is "Is love something that requires fighting for?" shouldn't love come naturally? if two people love each other, then why do they have to fight for LOVE?LOVE and FIGHTING are like oil and water. The problem is that we all watch too many Hollywood movies and read too many romantic novels... or both.

In real life, RESPECT (read my take on Relationships) is the factor that should keep a relationship together. When respect has been lost, then there is nothing left to fight for. You cant love someone you lost respect for. Love should be a combination of DESIRE and RESPECT. You desire the person physically and emotionally, and you respect the person enough to want to be by their side and share moments with. When that is lost, all that is left is a chain of everyday arguments that are disguised by the word LOVE.

My point is that if you have to constantly fight to keep the relationship together, then there is no relationship to start with. Love shouldnt be mixed with all the negative emotions. When communication lacks, there goes what you had.

If you just found out that your relationship has more downs than ups... then do yourself a favor and move on. Stop making yourlife miserable, and taking the other person down with you. All the years of stress and anger that you keep accumulating are not healthy and wont do you any good.

STOP fighting for love, and go find a LOVE that doesn’t require fighting for.



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