Tuesday, January 20, 2009


"Computer dating is fine, If you're a computer."

I was watching TV (I know), and I saw this commercial on eharmony. It made me think for a moment that "there's a lot of lonely people out there." THAT WAS MEAN!
Lets rephrase that a little better... There's many people out there who haven't found what they're looking for.

Why is that? In a society where overpopulation seems as something normal, and where women have achieved a great deal of freedom... why are there a lot of singles?
Then I realized "Hey man, Im single too" and the reasons became clearer... QUANTITY DOESN'T MEAN QUALITY.

That's what happens. There are lots of single men and women who just do not seem to find what they want. There seems to be a LOVE CONNECTION COMPANY everywhere you look, wether it is TV, magazines, Online, just go outside for God's sake, but still there's a lot of single people out there.

What has been happening with me is that I am at an age where I no longer base what im looking for on just LOOKS. The person im looking for has to have a career and intellect, yet there's a lot of drop outs and women (and men) who just lack ambition.

Women have it even worse... by the time they reach 30, they find a lot of OLD MEN who think theyre still teenagers. why is it that we can't find what we want? are we setting starndards so high?

Most teenagers who read this (and who are 100% sure theyre going to marry their present boyfriend) must think Im crazy and dont make any sense... Just wait and see.
there's a saying..."we age too fast, and mature too late" and that seems to be true. People aren't maturing soon enough.

Yet the world keeps growing, and populations keep increasing, so the singles population will increase too. Dating seems so simple yet so complicated. Dating is our way of meeting new people in hopes that that person is what we are looking for... to then say NOPE, not it.

I don't date right now because I am focusing on myself for a moment and hopefully things will fall into place. I am one of those who just chooses not to and Im happy with it. I have had options but those options do not satisfy me... The end.

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