Thursday, January 15, 2009


"Fighting over religion is like fighting over who has the best imaginary friend"

As I grew up, I was given the freedom to look around and do my own personal research on religion. I was able to go to a catholic church, baptist, methodist, adventist, mormon, muslim, etc. My conclusion after that big journey is now based upon this quote:

"Faith unites people, and religion separates them"

The thought of a higher being is something that most of us need. This could be perhaps something we possess deep in our psyche, or maybe just the fact that we as humans have a need to believe.Once that HIGHER POWER idea was developed into different doctrines with rules and regulations, problems started. I am not saying religion as a whole is wrong...yet I am.

Why must some people believe they have the right religion without having explored others is beyond simple understanding. It is nice to see Jesus as a great example. It is so beautiful to learn about his life, about his teachings, about the example he set; but when Jesus starts becoming the reason for a million arguments and conflicts, then there's something wrong.

Mohammed is a great example too, and so is Moses. We as human beings are just so messed up in the head, that we try to take our beliefs and impose them unto others.

I do not lean myself into any religion. I like to know that they all have beautiful points of views that sadly became corrupted by Man himself. It was us, with our limited understanding, that began to deviate the true message of what faith was, and began to preach it in whichever way it was taught to us. Give that a couple of hundred years...and the message was made into different things.

In Christianity by itself we have so many branches. WHY??? because somebody interprets the same BIBLE into something else. THERE IS ONLY ONE BIBLE, yet there are so many types of Christianity.

There is only one KORAN, yet there are many branches of Islam, and the same goes with every religion. The fact of the matter is that MAN is the one at fault. If we were to just accept that we know nothing (like Socrates once said) then maybe we could accept others and respect their beliefs more.

If we could all just cope with the idea that "MAYBE WE ARE WRONG" then we could embrace other's beliefs and accept them as brothers. Maybe then would we not have so many conflicts over who is right. Why are we so close minded???

Centuries before us, we had the Egyptians who believed in their Gods, We had the Romans, We had the Incas, the Mayas, etc. They all had FAITH and they all died believing in their religions... WERE THEY WRONG? who taught them to worship their Gods? Who taught us to worship ours? Why were they wrong and we are not? Which God is it?

In the end it all comes back to "nobody knows". I rather embrace the good messages that all the people with faith have, than to label myself under one particular belief. Instead of criticizing others, people should see for themselves what the others are talking about... and then, open their minds a little more and enjoy the positive things about them.

We all came to this world and we are all going to leave it. What happens when we leave, we will never know... no matter how many preachers tell you otherwise. So we should focus on being closer to each other.



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