Thursday, January 22, 2009


"If my aunt had balls... she'd be my uncle."

Sometimes we regret things that have happened in our life. Sometimes we fill our life with excuses like "If I he wouldn't have left me I ..." or "If my parents hadnt divorced..."
The problem with regreting things is that it pulls negativity into our lives. Regreting things means that we are putting our faults into some event that according to us, shifted our lives.

Why do we regret things? In my opinion, we do it because it serves as an excuse. We love excuses, we love blaming others, and we sure do not accept that we can change things if we try. It is much easier to regret a past event, than to learn the lesson and move on.

In life we win some, and we lose some. If you lose, dont lose the message. We all learn more from losses than wins. Remember that regreting is negative, and accepting is positive. If you feel your life with positive things, you become a positive person...and that attracts better things in the future.

Got it?


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