Saturday, January 24, 2009


"I am not young enough to know everything."

YES, the title was done on purpose. I feel in a sharing mood today, so im gonna share some of my knowledge with those who want to learn (im jokinggg).
WARNING: This is intended for the male readers, and it's just a JOKE. Please ladies... do not get offended... its just a little mean comedy.
Here are some everyday words that have some interesting meanings:

Baby- An experience.

Bitch- A girl who sleeps with everyone…but me.

Child Support- When you just won’t learn.

Divorce- Future tense of marriage.

Experience- The name people give to their mistakes.

Father- A banker provided by nature.

Hangover- the wrath of grapes.

House- Something a man loses when he gets divorced.

Housekeeper- Your ex-wife.

Humiliation- The harder you try, the funnier you look.

Husband- The one that didn’t get away.

Paycheck- What you work for and your wife takes.

Sexual Harassment- When the person you’re flirting with... doesn’t like you.

Wife- The only one who fell for it.



Ps- coming soon...The Chicktionary

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