Friday, January 16, 2009


"It is one of the superstitions of the human mind to have imagined that virginity could be a virtue"

Hmmm... where to start.Society has always loved people who say "I saved myself until I was married". WOW that sounds so good, but, is it really a good Idea????
I really dont think so. Sexuality plays a big part in our lives. If it wasnt, then the Sex Industry would not be a Billion dollar industry. Im not talking about Porn alone, Im talking about Victorias secret, KY jelly's trillion commercials, the term sexy, etc.
So are we just a bunch of perverts? NO. Sex is the most normal thing in the world, but some cultures have it as a Taboo. OK so back to the virginity subject.

I think a person should lose their virginity when they feel mature enough to. I dont think a bunch of 11 year olds who are sexually active (like we see today) know what theyre doing. I think that women put so much stress on themselves as the years go by. Have you ever seen a 20 year old virgin before? or taken her out on a date? You cant even sneeze before she says "hey im a virgin ok? stop trying to make a move on me" Studies also show that women who start having sex at a very young age, are at greater risk to develop cervical cancer when they are older. Men who dont have sex also increase their chances of testicular cancer, and women who never breast fed do the same with breast cancer. Point being IF YOU DONT USE IT, YOU LOSE IT.

So when should a person lose her virginity? around 18 ( in theory only, because nowadays, nobody waits) if u wait until 18 u should also get an award hahhaa. Seriously though, I dont think anyone should wait until marriage. One should build a whole profile of experiences which help you mature. A person should also know if they are sexually compatible with their partner and be able to express themselves and find ways to maximize their time together... all this before they get married.

Society should also stop being harsh on the idea that women need to explore their sexuality too. A man who loses his virginity and has had many experiences is A REAL MAN!!! but a woman who does the same is a SLUTT. Is that fair? why must we be so hypocritical?

Have you ever had someone who sucks in bed??? imagine waiting until you get married to find out how much he/she sucks. I think a person should have some idea of how to please your partner by the time you are married. It sounds very romantic if husband and wife sexually meet for the first time on their honeymoon... yeah, very romantic... The guy doesnt know where to put it, and the girl cries the whole night in a mixture of anxiety, pain, shock and joy because it is her first time. What a night.

So in conclusion, everyone should lose their virginity when they feel mature enough, and not out of peer pressure, or because everyone is doing it. We evolve as a society and times change. Sometimes what was good before is not good today. I do not by any means promote premiscuity.



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