Tuesday, April 28, 2009


"...And out of nothing, poetry is born."


Just like a dream…
My fantasy touched reality
When my fingers caressed your face
And I lost myself in your beauty.

Just like a dream…
My body found yours
Like the light finds the sun,
The day I least expected.

Just like a dream…
My soul entangled yours
And danced a soundless melody
Of passion and joy.

Just like a dream…
Your eyes imprisoned mine
And erased time from my memory
As my present became you.

Just like a dream…
A subtle whisper of profound happiness
Fills my mind with the need of having you
As if I could only exist if you exist.

Just like a dream…
A mixture of sublime feelings
Forever stamped unto my chest
Letting my heart know it belongs to you.

And as words could only fail to interpret
The abstract moment our lives encountered
I find myself in an ever ending trance
…Just like a dream.


PS- Thanks to the person who inspired this.

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  1. i hope she's the right girl for you...