Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Blaming Game

“If you don’t succeed in life…blame it on your parents.”

I wrote on my last post about “Kids and society.” It talked about how they keep finding excuses for kid’s behavior nowadays. Here’s a summary… Parents should have more communication with their kids. That’s it.

I got GREAT responses from the readers who began to share their ideas. One reader, whom I consider a friend, wrote about CHOICE and how we choose to do things in life. Well, my friend beat me to it, because I was going to write about that too.
We love to play something I call THE BLAMING GAME. What does that mean? It means that if I succeed in life I thank God for it, but if I fail…I blame you for it.

That is what happens nowadays. We are in a society where everything is someone else’s fault. The fast food companies got sued a while ago because people got fat. The tobacco companies got sued because people were getting lung cancer. Victoria’s secret is going to get sued because she won’t reveal her damn secret. I sued the movie “The Never Ending Story” because IT ENDED. So you see?

Where is the word CHOICE in this? Don’t we choose to do things anymore? If a commercial tells you to go rob a bank, do you do it? If the Cheetah Girls tell you to go adopt some cheetahs, do you go and get your kids cheetahs?
I’m sure that kids watch a lot of TV, they play lots of violent video games, they listen to a lot of Rap and Metal music… but why aren’t parents talking to them?
“I’m a loser because my father is an alcoholic” WHAT IF maybe your father is an alcoholic because you’re a loser? Hahaha.

I think that by the time a child has becomes a teenager, freedom of choice becomes a factor… but CHOICES seem to be common sense sometimes. DRUGS ARE BAD, DRINKING AND DRIVING KILLS, OBEY THE LAW, DON’T GO SHOOTING PEOPLE, DONT BEAT UP YOUR LANDLORD… does it really take a rocket scientist to figure those out?

Is it society’s fault that your kid is a screw up? I’ll give a few personal examples. My dad grew up in a really bad neighborhood. He grew up on something like a Ghetto full of everything your mind only sees on a Hollywood movie. He took himself out of that, and he’s never been a felon. Why??? Because he chose to be a positive example.

Here’s another example. I went to high school in the US. I’ve lived my life here since I was 9 years old. Although I grew up here, had many friends, went to parties, had girlfriends… I’ve never taken drugs, I never smoked a cigarette, and I had my first beer when I was 25. Why? Because I wanted to. My dad taught me to not be a follower.
So why do we find excuses for people’s fuckups? Because it is harder to admit that we look for our own troubles. When I hear about Amsterdam (We‘ve all heard about Amsterdam), I think… what do they do with their lawsuits? Everyone seems to take responsibility over there.

Stop blaming society for people’s poor choices! that’s all. If I killed a hooker (what a bad example)… never mind, you get the point.



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