Saturday, February 7, 2009

Turning 30

"Blessed are the young, for they shall inherit the National Debt."

OH MY GOD I’m 30. Just yesterday I was walking on diapers; just yesterday I was getting pimples all over my face, and today I’m 30. One thing that no one ever mentions, is that you don’t feel OLDER, you just get there. WHERE THE HELL ARE THE BROCHURES THAT SHOW YOU THAT?
Why does it happen so gradual that you don’t feel it? And why does it have to hit you on the face on your freaking BIRTHDAY???

Turning 30 is an interesting experience… people start seeing you different:

Teenagers- See you as an old fart.
People in their 20’s - Think you are mature.
People in their 30’s - Think you’re interesting.
People in their 40’s - Have sex with you and tell their friends they’re doing a “Younger Guy.”
People in their 50's - Still think you are in diapers.
People in their 60's and up - Are wearing diapers, so they don't say anything.

In other words, you are still young enough to be around, but too old to screw around. I find myself in a time of meditation, looking back at all my f**k ups, and looking forward to my now called GOALS. I think that life is broken down into decades. You really party in your 20’s, You make money in your 30’s and you start enjoying in your 40’s.
If by the time you hit middle age, you are still washing Lettuce at Burger King (Then I wonder why people hate me), chances are you won’t be Donald Trump by the time you retire.

This is also the time when you start considering having kids for some mysterious reason (If you still don’t have any). I remember finding kids annoying…then one day, they began to make me smile; so I ran to the bathroom and slapped myself. Now I actually think about it more often… and I still slap myself.

Some people fall into some type of crisis though, thank God I’m not one of those (Yet). I am happy with the way I’ve lived my life, I wish I had done more by now, but I’m happy. I feel like I am accomplishing my goals. I don’t see me buying a Corvette convertible anytime soon, or putting on my Miami Vice outfit and hang out at the club on HIGHSCHOOL NIGHT. YUCK… we all hate the “Old man at the club.”
The only thing about getting older though, is that you don’t get as many presents as you did when you were little. No POKEMON toys for me. Hahaha.

Overall, I think turning 30 is a great time in my life. I take things more seriously, I am more methodical, and I am old enough to party whenever I want, without having to tell mom and dad that I’ll be home late.
So there you go, I’m 30 now, and from now on I’ll turn 30 every year.



PS- I wrote this post on the day I turned 30... just wanted to share it with you guys.

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