Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Original Poem

"Love makes time pass. Time makes love pass."


…And to think I once loved you.
The way you smiled, the way you looked,
The way you’d make me dream with a simple “I love you.”
My body felt the need of you, as if you were some drug causing an addiction.

My world… a mixture of chaos and despair;
An imaginary cell that wouldn’t let me look beyond or move forward.
It was a life sentence that kept me trapped around your memories.
It was a self inflicted wound that didn’t seem to close.

…And to think I once loved you.
The way my soul shattered into a million pieces as I saw you walk away.
Lying lifeless on the ground, screaming in silence constantly asking myself
what I did to push you away.

But the answers never came.
It was an unsolved puzzle with empty spaces and no solutions.
It was a vicious circle of negative feelings that turned love
Into some type of obsession.

…And to think I once loved you.
Longing for you to return, staring at a timeless clock, and filling my mind
With hopeless wishes. Looking at old pictures, re-living old moments,
As if re-living was a way to bring your soul next to mine on an empty afternoon.

Yet time heals, and as I look back to a tainted illusion that I once called love.
The false feeling that life would cease to exist if I didn’t have you.
I slowly picked myself up from the ground, with no tears left in me, and no pain left to feel.
I moved on… I left you in the past, and I moved on.

…And to think I once loved you.



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